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VBW 1300 D-M02

Double Surface Cleaning and Side Milling Pah Breaking Brushing Machine
VBW 1300 D-M02 Çift Yüzey Temizleme ve Yan Frezeli PAH Kırma Fırçalama Makinesi
VBW 1300 D-M02 Çizim
VBW 1300 D-M02 Detay 2
VBW 1300 D-M02 Detay 1

Before lamination panel double side cleanıng and sıde mıllıng pah breakıng brushıng machıne


  • Height adjustable sub brush module
  • Milling units for cleaning the bottom edge
  • Brush units for the perfect surface cleaning
  • Dusting wet brush module, reverse the direction of panel advance