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VEP 350 KL7-W1C

Profile Wrapping Machine on Glue PUR-PO-EVA with Cassette System 3+4 m
VEP 350 KL7-W1C PUR-PO-EVA Tutkal Kasa Pervaz Sarma Makinesi Kasetli, 3+4 m
VEP 350 KL7-W1C PUR-PO-EVA Çizim
VFS 1500 BF Detay 2
VFS 1500 BF Detay 1
VFS 1500 BF Detay 4
VFS 1500 BF Detay 3
VFS 1500 BF Ürün

(Pur-eva-po system) It has a modular system that allows installation of product specific units. It is guarantee that the length of the machine according to the specific operation needs of the customer and the latest technology edge control precision.
It has also features of touch screen with PLC and a language-independent user guide.


  • Drives with frequency control,
  • The units of cleaning and pre-working, Brush units for top and sides,
  • Melting units in the form of granules or blocks for EVA, poliolefin and PUR glue.
  • Grammage control system which synchronizes machine and glue melting system,
  • Easy-to-use quick-change winder system
  • Central width setting for the rewind part,
  • Silicone rubber rolles
  • The cassette system for easy changing settings,
  • Easy width adjustment with open-close system