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VKB 2200-SM2

Surface Protection Film Lamination Machine
VKB 2200-SM2 Parlak Panel Üzerine Koruyucu Bant ve Şilte Laminasyon Makinesi
VKB 2200-SM2 Çizim
VKB 2200-S2 Detay1
VKB 2200-S2 Detay2

Protective film laminating machine with automatic cutting and foil insertion system. Standard equipment includes:


  • Automatic cutting device;
  • Entry and exit rollers in the workpiece assembly
  • Adjustable alignment guides;
  • Electronically adjustable speed; automatic stretch assembling
  • Function control via PLC for programming.
  • 1,300, 1,600 and 1,800, 2,100 mm are produced in standard sizes.