IGM 20 DRUM - Barrel Feeding, Compact Glue Melting System

General Features

IGM 20 Drum; It is a compact glue melting system designed for efficient processing of thermoplastic and reactive hot glues and sealing materials in steel drums with a volume of 20 liters.) Its modular structure facilitates adaptation to different production requirements.

  • IGM 20 Drum is easy and safe in use and efficient in maintenance.
  • Flexible adaptation to production requirements
  • Easy system integration
  • Efficient and precise melting
  • Minimum glue consumption, cost savings and environmental awareness
  • Easy operation with touch screen with graphical user interface
  • Fast service thanks to the remote access module
  • High operator safety
  • Non-stick and less cleaning due Sturdy E.P. coating
  • On the operator panel: retrospective working hours information and  information of amps current the gear pump motor draws

Barrel fed glue melting system with pneumatic system it is intended for the project of low to medium viscosity materials. It melts only the top layer of glue in the steel drum. This gentle gluing process reduces the heat load of the glue. In this way, the adhesion properties of the remaining glue are preserved.Depending on the desired melting capacity and thermal conductivity, two different melting plates with smooth or grooved surfaces can be selected. The advantageous design of the melting plate allows a small amount of glue to increase. The durable F.E.P. coating, minimizing cleaning and maintenance.

High Operator Safety

The melting plate is lifted and lowered by the pneumatic cylinder system. In addition, it can be moved by only two-handed control to increase operator safety. The automatic ventilation system prevents the formation of vacuum in the barrel when melting plate is lifting. And Manual ventilation prevents excessive pressure as the melting plate enters the barrel.

Easy Operation with Vermak Control System

Using the ISN 20 Drum is extremely easy via the touch screen with a graphical user interface. The VERMAK Control System contains all the system components required for an efficient gluing process. (Example: system monitoring, process and quality control.) It can be easily integrated into a higher-level system via the internet for the barrel-fed glue melting system and fieldbus systems.

Technicial Specifications
Barrel type Steel
Drum diameter Ø 280 mm DIN 6644 / ASA (accordance), Ø 285 mm (including spacer)
Melting plate types Flat, grooved
Melting performance Flat and Grooved melting plate: 18 kg/h
Glue residue Flat plate: 0.2 kg, grooved plate: 0.6 kg, multi-groove plate: 0.9 kg
Thrust performance ZPRD 6: 2.0 – 20.4 kg/h, ZPRD 9: 3.1 – 30.6 kg/h,
Pushing pressure Max. 80 bars
Glue viscosity 1’000 to 100’000 mPas
Hose connections 1 or 2
External heating zones 4 or 8 heating zones depending on configuration (optional)
Operating temperature 20 – 200 °C / 68 – 392 °F / Accuracy ± 0.5°C
Compressed air connection 5 – 6 bar, machined, unlubricated
Operating voltages 400/230 V, 3Ø N/PE, 50/60 Hz, 25 A (EU), 200- 240 V, 3Ø PE, 50/60 Hz, 25 A (US)
Ambient temperature 5 – 40°C or 41 – 104°F
Dimensions WxLxH 500 x 1,030 x 1,330 (-1,690) mm
Weight 205 kg
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