VEP 350 KL6.5-WMP - Profile Wrapping Machine on Glue Basis EVA-PO with Cassette System 2.5+4 M

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VE 350 KL6.5-WMP - Po-Eva Tutkallı Kasa Pervaz Sarma Makinesi Kasetli, 2.5+4m
General Features

This machine is designed as cassette or monoblock system, with roller application far Hat Melt EVA-PO adhesive to cover wooden case, sill and profiles.

  • Main drive with frequency control
  • Side and top cup brushes
  • The melting unit far EVA, Poliolefin Glue,
  • The driving control with working the speed,
  • Pneumatic shaft and guide roll,
  • The fail moving mechanism,
  • Easy-to-use quick-change winder system
  • Silicone rubber rollers,
  • Easy width adjustment with open-close system
  • The control system with easy-to-use.
Technical Table


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